Security of Internet of Things - International Conference

This new internet of things is now opening up new frontiers and possibilities in every field, including rail transportation. Delegates and invited speakers at the international conference discussed the security implications of this new internet of things hosted at Amrita last week.

"In the future, computers and their networks may become much more powerful than human beings," Dr. Minsky told Amma.

"Isn't it our mind that is creating these computers?" Amma reminded Dr. Minsky.

"The power of the human mind is only a small part of our infinite potential," Amma told him.

Dr. Bob Kahn remarked that whereas the internet is a network of computers, Amma is creating a network of human hearts.

"For some reason, everyone with you seems extremely happy. Some day I hope to figure out why," Dr. Kahn said, when speaking with Amma.
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Amrita Biocenter Research Lab Inaugurated

Helping mitigate some of the most common ailments of these modern times, including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, is the recently inaugurated Amrita Biosensor Research Lab at the Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore.

The state-of-the-art research facility is part of the Department of Sciences at the campus.

"Currently the core area of research of our team, consisting of chemists, biologists, biomedical and electronic engineers as well as physicians, is the development of low cost biosensor for monitoring blood sugar and cholesterol levels," shares Dr. T. G. Satheesh Babu, Assistant Professor in the Department.

"Monitoring the functioning of other internal organs such as kidneys will be another focal field of investigation," he added.

Amrita Advanced Center for Epilepsy

Amrita Advanced Center for Epilepsy (AACE), providing comprehensive epilepsy care at the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences successfully completed two years of service in June 2012. The Center was inaugurated by Prof. Solomon Moshe, President of the International League against Epilepsy in the year 2010.

"During the past two years, our Center has conducted a total of 7205 electroencephalograms (EEGs) and 74 prolonged video EEG telemetry recordings for seizure-focus localization. In addition, functional and structural imaging modalities including PET, SPECT and fMRI are being offered for patient care," stated Dr. Vinayan K. P., Professor at the Amrita Advanced Centre for Epilepsy.

Appreciating the commitment to deliver comprehensive health care to all, the Mayor of the Corporation of Cochin, congratulated Amrita for providing the most modern facilities and for the effective treatment and management of epilepsy.

Swami Ramakrishananda Puri's Fall Visit 2012

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri, one of Amma's senior disciples, will be visiting North America this fall, holding both public programs and paid retreats. While the schedule of programs has not been finalized, here are tentative dates and the details that have been released so far.
We will be updating this posting often, so please check back.

August 17 - 19: M.A. Center, DC in Potomac,
MD August 23 - Aug 30: M.A. Center, San Ramon, CA
August 31 - Sept 15: M.A. Center, Chicago in Elburn, IL
September 6 - 7: Amma Center of New Mexico in Santa Fe
September 13 - 14: Amma Center of Michigan in Ann Arbor
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Mother's Kitchen feeds more than 73,000 meals every year in the U.S.

The Mother's Kitchen project has been providing a full-course healthy meal to the needy on a regular basis in various centers all over the United States.

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Gems to treasure

Question to Amma: "Millions of men and women believe in you very strongly and find shelter in you. What does Amma depend on?"

Amma: Amma believes in everything. To me, there is no God somewhere above the sky. To me, all of you, are my God. To serve and love everyone - this is my aim in life. The sun doesn't need the candle; God doesn't want anything from us. We are meant to use God's light to get rid of the darkness in the world - this is the principle. Not that there is no God; it's just that this consciousness is present everywhere. It is a question of how we perceive it.

Amrita TV - Entertainment with Values

Millions of us wait to see a glimpse of Amma who travels around the Earth embracing and offering solace to the suffering masses who come to visit her. Many of us long to be in her presence, basking in the her loving arms and witnessing her unique form of love and compassion that she provides for hours or sometimes days without a moment's rest for herself.

We have some great news to share with all of you Amrita TV viewers. Starting this weekend, Amma's US Summer tour will be covered on Ammayodoppam which allows us to watch Amma wherever she goes, through many countries consoling and encouraging many of us, answering our questions, dispensing divine advice and bringing the people of different nationalities, religions and cultures together as one big family.

Please tune in to this all-new coverage of the USA 2012 tour. This wonderful broadcast enables us to enjoy Amma and her divine presence all over again.

Learn on how to sign up for Amrita TV here: Take a look at Amrita TV

Satsangs across the Nation

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Amrita TV

Missed 2012 Summer tour? Relive those moments with Amma in AmritaTV every weekend!
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Landslide Warning System

Minister of State for Planning, S&T and Earth Sciences, Dr. Ashwani Kumar discusses Amrita's landslide warning system in Rajya Sabha

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For the Love of Nature

It is not often that a B.Tech Graduate will pursue a Masters in Climate and Society!
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Immortal Bliss

Most of the Experience Stories and information in the newsletter is got from Immortal Bliss Magazine! A great way to keep in touch with Amma! Find out more





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